Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why hire you instead of a full-time designer or freelancer who can be in the office?
A: I provide next-day delivery, working while you dream.

While other designers are confined to your local office hours, I effectively extend your work hours since I'm 7-14 hours ahead of yours depending on where you are based. My services are available whenever inspiration strikes or when the creative ship steers in a different direction at the last minute. No need to wait for the next business day.

Q: How fast can the work be delivered?
A: Depending on the request and deliverable, typically anywhere from overnight to 2 days.

See example requests and turnaround time.
Q: What are your credentials and experience?
A: Read more about me here or see my Linkedin profile.
Q: We are in a different time zone, how would it work?
A: See how I will work with you.
Q: Where are you based and what are your working hours?
A: My company is domiciled in United States while the studio operates out of South Korea.

I generally maintain Korean Standard Time working hours (9am-6pm) but have set aside time for daily update calls during all US, UK, and Europe timezones. If your project requires I overlap your local working hours to a larger extent, let's chat.

Q: What is your rate?
A: I typically charge a flat-rate by project.

For you, it means that you will always know the final cost upfront instead of getting a sticker shock at the end. It also means that you are not overcharged for simple requests and can get more help within the budget you have.

However, if you are limited by company policy to only hire by hourly, please contact me for rates.